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Method of Assessment: 100% competitions and clinics



Age Group: 21+ years

Duration: 1 year

Weekly Hours: 5 Hours plus 75 mins technology engagement

Intended Coaching Outcomes

This program is designed to engage passionate professionals, young entrepreneurs and recreational sport aspirants

Helping Recreational Badminton players regain Badminton specific fitness after a break or injury lay-off via a 6-8 week crash course. Players will learn the (Beginner modules)basics of the movement cycle, grips, hitting techniques and tactics similar to the Beginners curriculum above Creating an experience about living a healthy, fit lifestyle via Social competitions, irrespective of gender, age or ethnicity

Propagating Gender equality and inclusion, via a Pay and Play Format- no commitments, no membership fee! Targeted at 50+ audience, students and ladies, it is an ideal model to meet new people, stay fit and have fun through Social competition!

Spreading social competitions, social engagement, mental and physical wellbeing via Inter club League matches: Opportunity for club level players to compete locally, within a range of formats, with an overall focus on playing lots of games, meeting new people and having fun.

Improvement of Body composition through Bootcamps for Physical Fitness and Conditioning and Nutritional guidance

Creating a mind-body wellness program including physical training, Yoga and Meditation programs and Bio hacking

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