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gopi with kids


Course 1: Beginner Program

Age group: 6-12 years

Duration: 1-6 years

Weekly Hours: 5 hours

Intended Coaching Outcomes

Contribution towards the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of children via mentoring, coaching, instructing and motivating

Application level development of health and fitness particularly during the growth spurt

Application level development of psychological components of confidence, selfachievement, motivation and goal setting

Application level understanding with regards to BWF ‘Level 1 Performance Factors’

On-court and off-court Assessment as per set criteria

Method of Assessment

Written Test


Demonstration/ Activity

Fitness Testing

Questions to be prepared by the Assistant coaches in consultation with Team of Sports science Support staff and approved by the Head Coach prior to assessment A minimum of 35% marks is required to move to the next Level of Coaching

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