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Our programs are scientifically designed for beginners and aspirant professional players

Personal Transformation

Inculcate personal development, goal setting and self improvement for a well disciplined, profound future.


Attain better physical and mental health outcomes by practicing healthy habits

Building International Sporting Talents

Build extensive knowledge of sporting skills and qualities to take your talent to a competitive ecosystem.


Develop you self esteem, reliance, physical health, happiness and contentment

Happy Boy

Focusing on the Wellbeing Of Future Generation

Badminton is a total body workout aimed at the entire gross motor system, promoting mental and spiritual well-being, helping reduce health risks by improving heart health and thus resulting in increased life expectancy and mobility. It is one of the best flexible, child-friendly exercises, which help people socialise and build better relationships. 

A white badminton feather shuttlecock at

Enriching the triad of happiness and tranquility, thereby acheiving social contentment.




11 Indoor Stadiums

Convenience and Comfort

Rearrangeable Seating

Cooling system that’s better than air con


BWF Certified  Badminton courts (4-6)

Changing and Locker rooms  Male and Female

Steam and Suana room

Refreshment / Cafe lounge

Fitness/ Gym area

sports medical clinic

Audience seating capacity

Sports or Equipment store

Video Analysis Room

Good ventilation - (VRF systems)

Comfort, anti-glare, and uniformity- Lighting system

The Budding Of A Competent Personality

At GBA, we induce the 3 budding elements of a competent personality to bring out the best in you. 



Off the court learning programes are given through Gen Z LMS to all our students through effective, fun and engaging techniques from renowned trainers. We help our students in retention, engagement, accuracy and revisiting of the theories already learnt through Gen Z LMS developed by GBA through which they achieve qualities to take your talent to the next level.


Academic Compliance

Providing uncompromised quality standard syllabus is one thing that our academy focus. We believe that all passionate people should get a quality education regardless of their age. And we see to it that the quality is maintained throughout the course.

Scientific Validation

All of our curricula are scientifically validated as reliable and relevant for better advancement in sports, personal development and professional career. 

Technological Adoption

We help the learner to maximum engage through dynamic e-learning approaches, off the court, through technological adoption.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is specially designed to give quality teaching, training, coaching and mentoring to all the sports enthusiasts. Our methodologies help our students advance in both their personal and professional life.

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